life size bronze pieta statues for pubic decoration

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Tianjin, Xingang, China
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Metal, 100% bronze
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Folk Art
Art & Collectible
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Hebei, China (Mainland)
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H 140m (55inch)
about 260kgs
outdoor deco
1 piece
professional team
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Natural asphalt packing
1.Inner Package: waterproof plastic film and foam,
2.Outer package: wooden crates.
3.Packed according to the client's requirements
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35 work days,Except for force majeure
Product Description

1. Material : 100% bronze
2. Technology : casting
3. Size : H 140cm (55inch)
4. Weight : about 260kgs

Product Name
Life size bronze jesus christ garden statue for sale
Article Number
Product Specification
1. Material : 100% bronze
2. Technology : casting
3. Size : H 140cm (55inch)
4. Weight : about 260kgs
1 piece
Outdoor/garden/pack/square/school decoration and etc
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35 work days for production and 35 days for shipping, Except for force majeure
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L/C , D/A , D/P , T/T ,Western Union, Paypal, Escrow and etc
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Pieta statues

Jesus Christ, the central figure of Christ's religion, was the creator of the Christian religion.
According to the traditional Christian faith, Jesus Christ is regarded as one of the trinity of god/Lord, known as the son of god or son of god.In order to save humanity from sin and death in his personality, incarnation, as the old testament zechariah the messiah foretold in the book (Catholic high version translated into "messiah"), is the "anointed one", the high priest anointed king and god.In the jewish region of the Roman empire around the year A.D., virgin Mary was conceived by the spirit and gave birth to Jesus.He began to preach at the age of 30, the son of god, preaching the Gospel of love and love, who believed that his people would never die.Preaching three and a half years, he was accused of jewish high priest caiaphas was the Roman rulers, pontius Pilate, the governor sentenced to death, was crucified on the cross, but it just made him down, the purpose of his death to pay ransom for the SINS of the world.He rose again three days later and appeared to his disciples for forty days. Then he ascended to heaven and sat on the right hand of the father god.He will come again to judge all the living and the dead, and those who believe in him will not perish, but against for eternal life.(see "the apostles creed")

Usage scenario


More and more people put jesus statues at home or garden.

This is an art deco statue of Jesus Christ.He welcomed the newcomers with open arms, a symbol of enthusiasm

 and generosity.


The savior of the Christian church.The Lord is salvation, and god will save his people from their SINS.Christ is the saviour of god's holy anointing.The bible's new testament, Jesus is the only child of god, conceived by the holy spirit and pregnant virgin Mary, who takes the body to save mankind.After baptism by John the Baptist at the age of 30, he preached in galilee, preaching the kingdom of god and asking people to believe in the Gospel.In order to help people to preach, Jesus called the twelve apostles.


Brazil is a Catholic country, and more than 90% of the population is Catholic.To the congregation, the giant statue of Jesus is the embodiment of the "savior" who has dedicated himself to the whole world.The holy image spread out its arms as if to welcome visitors and wish the people safe and prosperous.

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1. Design Teams: Professional designer offer best production to meet client's thought and final maket the deal!

2. Professional Modeler: Professional modeler custom best model to let client confirm.Model is the soul of sculpture!

3. High quality even details: Professional foundary offer best quality sculpture.Any details are not allowed to be defective.


Christianity is a monotheistic religion that believes in Jesus Christ as god and savior.Originating in the Palestinian region of western Asia, the bible is the bible, known as the Christian, and the Christian group called the church or the Christian church.As a result of some of the doctrines of Judaism, it is considered one of the abrahamic religions and is now regarded as the world's three major religions with Islam and Buddhism.It into the Catholic and orthodox church and the protestant sects, but for the sake of historical development, "Christian" often specifically referred to in the Chinese protestant, Christianity as a whole and the other with "Christian".

Core of the Christian faith to believe that one of the triune god (also translated into Chinese god or god created the world, and according to the image of god himself made man, by the people to manage the world [1], while a crime to fall, brought death;The father sent his son Jesus, who is living in its 33 years at the end of the offer was crucified on the cross for the SINS of the world, again from the dead after three days and then up to heaven, the spirit is given with believers;His death pays for the redemption of sin, so that all who believe in him shall be saved, and eternal life in god.

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Purchasing art is a matter of trust
This statement is true for both the analogue and the digital world, the latter of which nowadays offers the customer a remarkable selection of works from every branch of the visual arts. Clients supply detailed descriptions of the sculptures, provide information about their size and weight and one gets to know something about the manufacturing method as well as the artistic process. The artist is usually introduced extensively in a portrait and some providers also show short videos of the manufacturing process and about the artist.

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Creativity and innovative ideas are prerequisites for our work as a young and dynamic company. Thanks to a high level of imagination and understanding of artistic processes, we can offer you both exclusive accessories as well as unique decorative items that help in creating a noticeably enhanced living atmosphere. The best thing about our offers is that our products are presented at a price that is affordable for everyone.


13000 m2 field


5 product lines


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professional artist

Packing & Delivery

Packing Details  :    Natural asphalt packing

                                    1.Inner Package: waterproof plastic film and foam,
                                    2.Outer package: wooden crates.
                                    3.Packed according to the client's requirements

Delivery Details :  35 work days for production and 35 days for shipping,Except for force majeure


1. Material of a bronze statue

Bronze is a very hard and at the same time weatherproof material. It consists mostly of copper, which amounts to about 90%, to which about 10% of tin is added. As it is therefore a mix of two metals, the resulting bronze is categorised as an alloy. The advantage of the bronze material of the sculptures and figurines is that, in contrast to other metals, it does not corrode in the usual way. After some time, it is possible that verdigris will cover the surface, but it can simply be washed off with a sponge and some water. Naturally, this should be done with a cleanser that is specialised in dealing with the bronze material, as it brings back the metal’s old brilliance. This way it can be guaranteed that the bronze sculpture will keep up its appearance for decades. Yet, one should obtain from using a sponge that is too hard (e.g. a sponge used for stainless steel), as this could lead to scratches on the sculptures that cannot be removed.

2. Quality criteria for your bronze sculpture

A sculpture that is made of bronze should meet some criteria, the quality of the production being one of the most important ones.Furthermore, it is of huge importance to consider that bronze builds a patina which develops either as a result of environmental impacts or because it was induced by using chemical substances. The resulting colours may vary: with a high amount of copper, the resulting material will have more of a red colour tint, whereas a high amount of tin will result in more of a reddish brown or even a green or yellow hue.

3. Individual steps of a skilful production

Bronze figurines and sculptures are usually produced by using the lost wax technique. This work should be done by an experienced bronze caster. First, a wax mould of the object is created, which is then coated in silicone. When the silicone has finished hardening, it is followed by a plaster mould coating which is being reinforced. With it, a wax model is being cast, which is then embedded in fireclay and is consequently able to drain off through little holes during the heating process. Liquid bronze is poured in and after the object has cooled down, it is freed from the fireclay coating. The last step is to work on the surface of the material, which means it is being cleansed, polished and sealed. The finished bronze sculptures are both weatherproof and hardy.

4. Figurines made of bronze — varieties and differences

Statues and sculptures can take on all kinds of forms. Be it animals, humans, landscapes or geometric symbols such as trapeziums or cuboids. The most popular, of course, belong to the categories of humans and animals. Principally, one can distinguish between antique Greek statues and garden statues of the contemporary art period. Their differences are in the affordability and the processing of the material, especially when one takes into account that the sculptors in the antiquity did not have the same equipment that is used by modern artists nowadays to create those figurines.

5. Bronze figurines — exceedingly popular

Bronze sculptures are quite popular, especially amongst collectors, but also as exhibition objects on desks or in waiting rooms. In former times, many wealthy people decorated their rooms with these gems, they gave them away as presents or started collections. Especially the handicraft of the figurines was immensely popular with connoisseurs and this was also what made those sculptures so unique. Nowadays, thanks to modern production processes, the highest quality can be offered at a good price. This is what makes bronze figurines affordable for everyone. The offer ranges from animal sculptures and Art Deco figurines to Art Nouveau statues, erotic nudes, military statues and garden ornaments. Additionally, there is also a supply of Greek statues and replicas of many a well-known and popular bronze sculpture.